ButterUp Knife

Bread and butter were just meant to be together, however if you have ever tried to spread cold refrigerated butter on a slice of bread or toast, you know that the struggle is real.

The ButterUp knife is designed to put an end to the morning ritual of painstakingly trying to enjoy a little butter on your toast, only to destroy your bread with tears and holes. This knife features a built-in grater that allows you to spread ribbons of sweet dairy goodness onto all types of bread successfully. The unique design aerates and softens the butter, making it easier to spread. The knife also has a wider surface area allowing you to cover more of the bread in less time.

The ButterUp Knife features a smooth edge making it easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe, and is available in a classic polished finsih or a modern satin finish. Order one or several today to make spreading butter an effortless task.


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