Chuppon Self Watering Planter

Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter

Brighten up your window sills and office spaces with the Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planters. These are ceramic creatures with straws attached to their mouths, tiny herb gardens beautifully placed on their backpacks and their overall design allow them to perch properly on the edge of a glass or mug. This combination gives your office or window space a cheerful appearance that you will never get tired of admiring.

These lovely ceramic creatures will amaze you when you start noticing the water in the glass or mug decreasing with time. This is made possible by their ability to suck water when the plant on their backpacks requires water. With these animal planters, you can also build a deeper connection by choosing one with an animal you love i.e. kitten, pig, panda or a bunny. The young ones can also use them as learning items especially for the science classes.


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