Couchmaid Organizer Sofa Tray

Couchmaid Organizer Sofa Tray

Good news for all the other couch potatoes out there! couchmaid organizer sofa tray will end all the problems that we lazy people face..

Remember all the times we misplaced the remote but were too lazy to search for it but WE ended up doing it anyway since the prospect of changing the channels manually takes more effort …. remember picking up all the scattered magazines / books when the door bell rings ? …. and searching for a gadget and not finding them within reach or tissues when you are watching a particularly heartbreaking moving curled up on the couch and too lazy to move but losing the battle with water works / runny nose..well fret no more!

Couchmaid organizer is the ultimate solution to all our troubles. A beautiful piece of wood hanging over the arm of our dear comfy couch.. it’s a match made in heaven.

Everything is in arm reach for those cozy lazy weekends and those chilly winters!And let’s face it.. no more misplacing the remote or cluttering your couch with the newspaper / magazines!


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