Cow Mailbox

Cow Mailbox

This cow does not eat grass, but will surely gulp down your mails! If you do not believe us, then check out the uniquely designed Cow mailbox. We are talking about the hand crafted mailbox designed as a cow, which makes it so adorable.

This is certainly creativity at its best. Needless to say that with a mailbox like that, your house will certainly make heads turn. The best part is that though its a fancy decor, its made of extremely durable material which can withstand extreme outdoor conditions. This makes it a sensible product, as once invested upon, it can will stay for a long time without worries.

A visit to the countryside or your uncle’s farm to see the cows and horses grazing are bygone times. But this small piece of decor on your front yard will certainly remind you of those days under the sun. But there is a risk involved in owning this mailbox. You might be constantly appreciated about your creative taste or how you mailbox ha become a landmark of the neighborhood. Well, if you are ready to pursue such a venture, then definitely this a mailbox for you.


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