Creepy Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Creepy Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Keep the nosy neighbors talking and the local wildlife baffled with this astonishing Creepy Horse Head Squirrel Feeder.

You will gain hours of simpleminded but sure fire entertainment from the spectacle of fuzzy tailed squirrels sticking their furry heads into the feeder, making it appear as though they have suddenly become terrifying mutant horse-headed monsters.

Imagine the consternation of visiting relatives and neighborhood cats at this macabre tableau of nature gone hilariously wrong. This easy to install and eminently affordable little beauty can turn any plain boring backyard into a slightly disturbing but oh so very entertaining conversation piece with the absolute minimum of effort on your part.

Show those cute but greedy little rodents who the boss is! Confuse small children and drunk friends alike with this marvelous sight! Entertain yourself when the wifi goes out and there’s nothing on television! Indescribable but yours right here and now for a modest price.


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