Designer Surgical Mask

Designer Surgical Masks

Watching a clown-faced Medical Personnel or a cheeky face mask worn for health reasons is not just for comedy. It is serious business! Made of 100% Cotton Fabric, this Designer Surgical Face Mask is eco-friendly, washable and reusable. Its nicely placed nose piece aligns with the bridge of the nose to keep the mask firmly in place. Each purchase comes with a complete instructional guide on how to use, care and get the best out of this product.

Seriously, a healthy and happy lifestyle is incomplete with the Designer Surgical Face Mask. I am not trying to be funny, this product speaks for itself! It is good for School use, Commercial Air Travel, Allergy Season, Bike Riders, Dog Groomers, Flu Mask, etc. It is 4.75” high and 7” wide. Comfort, high sanitary standards and exquisite finishing is put into the making and design of this product. Now, you can be sure you are fully protected wherever you go.


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