Double Shot Espresso Coffee Mug

Double Shot Coffee & Espresso Mug

Holding down double shifts can push us to the limits. It is not uncommon to get our hands full when life comes at us but how about getting a double duty product? It sure would eliminate waste, improve productivity and give you value for money. If this strikes a chord; then you are welcome to the world of the Double Shot Coffee & Espresso Mug. You can have your Coffee and Espresso in one shot.

The Dual functional Mug is made of Hand-Blown Glass and has the capacity to hold 5.5 oz liquid of Coffee while the side designed for Espresso can hold up to 1.5 oz. No need to clutter your home or office with Mugs; one single Mug does it all for you. Now you can take your Coffee in the morning and have your Espresso later in the day without bothering on doing the dishes. It is handy and designed to fit into your busy day.


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