Dunk Animal Lamps

Dunk Animal Lamps

It is not exactly a novel undertaking by turning old bottles into lighting elements. There are several products that have unleashed great designs through this approach. However, dunk animal lamps still provide an innovative feel and fun. This is because these lamps come with lighthearted take on and playful functional lighting features for the home.

Studies have shown that these lamps remain the latest item in the animal farm series. This includes several options of lighting systems that combine revived traditional craft and recycled objects. The product uses discarded bottles that are combines with wood produced using Channapatna, the lac-turnery and a style locally practiced in India.

For each of the dunk lamp, the discarded bottles are set on top a three-legged wooden base. This is done before being mounted with a wooden animal head on top. This simply makes it look like a horse standing on three legs in an upright stance. You can purchase yours for a try.


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