Evak Vacuum Storage Container

Evak Vacuum Storage Container

Say hello to the latest in the world of food and health. The Evak Vacuum Storage Container are specially designed to keep your food in perfect vacuum (devoid of air), to keep them from growing stale and staying fresher for a longer period. This is possible with the help of a simple mechanism that the lid of the containers have been designed with.

Two valves operate during the opening and closing procedures of the lid. When the lid is pushed in ( container is closed ) all the air is forced out and when the lid is pulled out, the reverse process i.e, the air rushes into the container. Simple but truly, very effective.

The portion of the lid that touches the food is devoid of any kind of plastic unlike other containers. Made with the highest quality Boro-Silicate glass and stainless steel parts, it does nothing to damage your food and can even be effectively cleaned using a damp cloth.


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