Flip Sofabed by Gus

Flip Sofa bed by Gus

For the unexpected overnight guest or the unexpected lover’s quarrel – this attractive and modern Flip Sofabed by Gus is the perfect solution. If you are about to move to a new house or apartment, this Flip Sofabed looks just as good as a regular sofa but with an added perk.

The grey color fits perfectly in any traditional or modern home as it looks super chic and clean. Use it a sofa during the day and at night, if you have an overnight guest and don’t have a guest room, this sofabed will give the ultimate comfy bed for him/her to sleep in.

If you’re married or living in with your partner, this sofabed will also provide your partner with his bed for the night when you kick him out of the bedroom – so no worries about lover’s quarrels – he won’t go walking out on you and head to the nearest hotel. So when you expect to have guests at one point or another but don’t have an extra room in the house, this sofabed is the best solution.


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