Giant Ice Cream Scoop

Giant Ice Cream Scoop

Imagine displaying a pint sized ice cream scoop in a party. Both children and adults are surely going to love the Giant Ice cream scoop. Be able to gather up an entire pint of ice cream all at once and display it and be the host of the best party in the neighborhood, even the entire town!

Instead of serving small single servings, you can serve a large delightful bowl, add some giant rainbow sprinkles and chocolate filling and you are good to go. People, who see this item for the first time, are guaranteed to feel a thrill. Be able to feel like a child again and serve monster sizes of ice cream that were previously thought of as an impossible type of serving.

You can even use this in other types of food like mashed potatoes, and just make any party look even more exciting and delightful. This is the perfect gift for holidays and any restaurant owner serving up ice cream. It can be used as a display for ice cream shops and is also functional at the same time.


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