Goldfish Tea Infuser

Goldfish Tea Bags

Fishing a tea bag out of a mug takes on a whole new meaning when your tea bag resembles a fish. Charm Villa have created a gorgeous range of Goldfish Tea Bags. They are the most astonishingly fish like tea bags that make the whole tea drinking experience go perfectly swimmingly. The unusual teabags are shaped like delicate fish that swim around in the teapot or cup. The fish mouths of the tea bags are attached to a thread that can be tweaked to make them float along.

Goldfish Tea Bags come into their own when submerged in hot water, transformed from ordinary unassuming tea bags into luminously exotic swimmers. The charming concept adds an extra element to the taste of the tea as it takes on a deliberately exotic appeal of the orient. They make for a wonderfully unique gift and are guaranteed to be a hit at any tea party. If tea with a difference appeals then Goldfish Tea Bags are a great novelty gift.


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