Ice Tube Clock Kit

Ice Tube Clock Kit

The Ice Tube Clock Kit follows a mix of early Russian culture and the modern hardware features rolled into one. It comes equipped with nearly every feature that you can find in your normal, boring alarm clock.

A super cool time display screen follows a 9 digit Vacuum Fluorescent Display that was more common in the 60’s. The kit provides you with every item and instructions to assemble your own clock. Once those who are experienced with assembling electronics are advised to try this though.

The features that come included are an alarm off/on indicator, adjustable brightness, volume control. A clear acrylic enclosure works to keep your clock safe from external damage. The battery can last for two entire weeks without external power. You can display the time in the 12 hour or the 24 hour display format. Even the day and date can be displayed with the press of a button along with a ten minute snooze option.


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