Infinity Mirror Clock

Infinity Mirror Clock

Clocks do not have to be boring, there are ways to see clocks in a different light, the infinity mirror clock is a great innovation.

It is able to work like a clock, but the colors of the hands were made to look a little bit more interesting, it is user programmable using bluetooth. It comes with an IR sensor, it is able to sense if someone is coming near the Infinity mirror clock. If a person is not in sight, it wil immediately switch off, it can also be used as a normal mirror.

The product can be installed in bars, restaurants and even just a décor inside the home, it provides a rainbow effect every 15 minutes, but the creators have also allowed users to adjust the minutes according to their desire. It is also programmable, and the user is given the chance to change the codes if they like making it a really flexible product to have.


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