Leaf Silicone Pocket Cup

Leaf Silicone Pocket Cup

Fancy drinking out of a green leaf like Tarzan in the jungle? You need the funky, slim leaf silicone pocket cup for drinking on the go! This cool cup is a great way to save on disposable cups. This lightweight silicone pocket cup is easy to carry around and the flat shape fits easily into your pocket or bag. It’s quick and easy to wash out at the end of the day. Your friends will be amazed at your green credentials.

Show your love for the planet with this funky re-useable silicone cup. No longer will you be wasting paper and polystyrene disposable cups for drinking. You can whip out your green leaf silicone cup when you’re traveling and feel good about your carbon footprint.

Choose today to make a small step to save the planet. And look funky cool by getting the slim green leaf pocket cup to carry with you everywhere. Bring out your inner Tarzan!


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