Leather Toothpick Holder

Leather toothpick holder

Toothpicks aren’t just for picking teeth, but can be used for a whole plethora of purposes. They have become popular for far more than poking and prodding to dislodge old bits of food from your fillings. Toothpicks are so trendy that many people have started to carry them round as essential items and need a nifty leather toothpick holder to contain them in. Such simple essentials become stylish when whipped out from a leather toothpick holder that exudes good taste.

When you wouldn’t carry loose change in your pockets, but would insist on a leather wallet, it is only fitting that you give your toothpicks an equivalent luxury setting to sit in. After all if you sat on a loose toothpick you could do yourself an injury. When you choose to carry your toothpicks in style select the Leather Works leather toothpick holder, complete with twelve toothpicks. You’ll be sure to be never caught short without a toothpick.


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