LightSaber Shaped Key Set

LightSaber Shaped Key Set

Come into the dark side – Actually, just open the door. You’ll never have to Force your way into your front door again with this Light Saber Shaped Key Set set in Blue and Red.

Joining the wide array of Star Wars themed gadgets and items, these keys will bring you forward to an advanced age of civilization where Jedis and Siths exist. Fully customizeable to match the standard house keys available in the market, these keys provide a sophisticated means of entering your home. Each key was fashioned after the eponymous weapon with the glowing blade cut out as teeth.

Now you can express your inner Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader (whichever you prefer), and show your allegiance to the Star Wars fandom in a more subtle and elegant manner. Walk about town with the keys on you for extra protection. More designs are coming with variations in hilt design and color. Order now and may the Force be with you.


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