Marvel Avengers Hulk Rechargeable Character Speaker

Hulk Rechargeable Character Speaker

HULK LOUD! HULK HAPPY! Hulk have thing to say! Hulk can only express himself over awesome speaker! Now you too can be as loud as the Incredible Hulk himself. Or at the very least your phone speaker can be.
This fantastic mean green machine will turn any song into an incredible Avenging ballad of Awesomeness. Conversations will transform into heroic epics of mightiness. And podcasts will attain a newly terrifying yet compelling gravitas that only a message from a gamma ray mutated behemoth can ever hope to achieve. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Others may settle for tiny boxes of mere human scale technology, but you my friend need something far more heroic than that. Mighty sounds need a mighty source, and lets be honest, even the dulcet tones of aged relatives will probably seem at least a hundred percent more awesome emanating from the visage of one of the world’s mightiest heroes.


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