Waltmanco Microfiber-Lined Ties

Microfiber-Lined Ties

The creators of the Microfiber-Lined ties has just made ties even cooler, nowadays office workers who want to make sure that their phone’s touchscreen will remain clean, no longer need to purchase additional microfiber just to clean up the phone.

They can find a quick solution, the tie that they are wearing could already be used to clean the phone, while providing much needed fashion sense to any attire.

The microfiber-lined ties are just amazing, they come in fashionable colours, each of the ties come in custom microfiber and can be used to clean any device withglass. Gone are the days where you still need to find a microfiber cleaning cloth, now you can just save up and make use of these special tie and be the envy of friends.

The tie looks just like any regular tie, but some would be surpirsed to know that it comes with a microfiber on the side, that can be used to wipe the screen, especially when there are unsightly smudges and prints.


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