Mini Mid-Century Chair Terrarium

Mini Mid-Century Chair Terrarium

Your working space does not have to be boring and lifeless; there are ways to spice up your desk and collect interesting art pieces that is sure to pique the interest of anyone who has happened to stop by to have a chit chat with you.

The Mini Mid-century Chair Terrarium is a real collector’s item. The design was based from the Eame’s moulded wood chair. The creators of this wondefurful art piece carefully create this masterpiece using the hands.

The same creators of these wonderful pieces create their other artworks using the same concept. Mini dioramas are already considered as simple statements that provide a mid-century feel into any desk area.

Desk areas do not have to boring, people are sure to gravitate in desk spaces that provide a little bit of color and design. People are going to love this décor, each of the mini paper chairs and plants are original artworks and feature the ideas of artists from Los Angeles.


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