Rubik’s Cube 3D Mug

Rubik’s Cube Mug

Is it a Rubik’s Cube with a handle? Is it a toy? What is it? It’s actually a Rubik’s Cube mug! Resembling the very iconic and famous Rubik’s Cube, this mug will get your office mates talking about your perennial love for the puzzle!

This mug is a quirky addition to your office or home desk and will make for the most interesting cup of tea or coffee. While everyone else at the office pantry use their boring and dull coffee mugs, you’ll surely turn heads with this super colorful mug.

If you’ve never tried drinking out of a square-shaped cup before, this will surely give you a new perspective on your entire coffee drinking experience. You would think that this cube will make it awkward to drink your favorite beverages, but it works and holds just like the average mug but with an exceptionally quirky twist. You won’t have to solve the ultimate puzzle! This Rubik’s Cube mug is solved and ready to use for your quick coffee breaks at work or at home.


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