Six Mile Pencil

six mile pencil

Do you want to have a tangible yardstick for how much you’ve drawn? The use of the pencil is slowly becoming obsolete with the modern world making every creative process digital. Artists are no longer sketching on paper but are now using tablets and software to create images.

Here comes the Six Mile Pencil – no, it’s not what you think – it’s not an actual pencil that’s 6 miles long. Rather, it’s a box of 4 pencils that contain enough graphite that will give you the capacity to draw a total of 6 miles. If you want to know how much you actually draw, then this pencil will give you that answer.

Perfect for creatives, you can get this for yourself and finally know how much you actually draw on any given day. It also comes with a mini notebook where you can write down or even sketch your doodles.

Features the classic yellow pencil with a mile ruler printed on the body, the Six Mile Pencil is a look back to the good old days of doing things manually.


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